Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction diagnosis and treatment requires an experienced and specialized practice that truly understands the full scope of variables that may contribute to sexual disfunction disorders.  The related conditions that your sexual dysfunction specialist will often examine and address may include erectile dysfunction treatment, vaginal dryness, pain, lack of libido or sex drive, lack of sexual response and inability to reach sexual orgasm or climax.  Finding an experienced sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction doctor in Houston that you can trust to properly evaluate and treat your specific situation is your first step towards finding a solution.

The term sexual dysfunction refers to a number of issues that may occur during any phase of the sexual response cycle thereby preventing or interfering with an individual’s or a couple’s sexual intimacy and activity levels to their satisfaction.  The sexual response cycle is best described in four phases typically referenced as excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Sexual dysfunction can have many causes that are not necessarily related to pre-existing disease.  Contributing factors may include stress, drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, bicycling activities or relationship level factors.  In many cases, hormonal imbalance or hormone deficiency can also be a primary cause of many issues affecting sexual function.  Testosterone is a hormone that directly affects sex drive but it’s not the only factor when evaluating hormonal deficiency variables.  Estrogen dominance, progesterone levels and prolactin hormone levels can also have significant impacts upon sexual abilities and performance.  Thus, the proper approach is to first ensure that all hormones are in the proper optimized balance to restore the foundation for sexual health.  As this is done, other factors and variables which may be affecting the patient will include an analysis of any current medications, especially anti-depressants and their potential side effects; blood chemistry and metabolic lab analysis, thyroid analysis, and lifestyle analysis.

Other related medical conditions to be examined should include diabetes, vascular and circulatory system disease, neurological factors including depression, alcoholism and drug use.  Psychologically, patients may be experiencing high stress and anxiety associated with lifestyle or work schedules, marital or relationship problems, depression, guilt, self-esteem and body image issues and the lingering effects of prior sexual experiences or traumas.



  • Improved Sex Drive / Libido
  • Improved Ability to Become Aroused
  • Improved Ability to Reach Orgasm / Climax
  • Improved Erectile Function
  • Improved Vaginal Lubrication




  • Lack of Sex Drive  /  Low Libido
  • Inability to become aroused or sexually excited
  • Pain associated with sexual intercourse
  • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.  This is referred to as erectile dysfunction.
  • Inability or delayed ability to ejaculate despite sufficient sexual stimulation.
  • Inability to control ejaculation often referred to as premature ejaculation.
  • Lack of Semen Flow



  • Lack of Sex Drive  / Low Libido
  • Inability to become aroused or sexually excited
  • Pain associated with sexual intercourse
  • Inability to achieve climax or orgasm.
  • Vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication before and during sexual intercourse.
  • Inability to relax the vaginal muscles normally to allow for sexual intercourse.





I don’t understand why I’ve lost my interest in sex.  I have no sex drive.  Why is this?

Many people as they enter into their 30’s and 40’s, begin to experience diminished sexual drive and performance issues.  Often this is a combination of many factors but the major underlying cause in men and women is hormone imbalance or hormone deficiency.  Bioidentical hormone therapy can provide dramatic improvements in this area.


My erections are sometimes less firm or rigid, and sometimes they disappear during sex.  What is happening?

As men age, they begin to experience symptoms associated with many health factors that can affect sexual performance and desire.  Hormonal deficiency, metabolic balance, current medication side effects, especially anti-depressants and hypertension medications, alcohol, vascular / circulatory health and general lifestyle / relationship issues can all play a role to undermine sexual performance.


What is the process for evaluation and treatment?

The first step is to contact us to set up a diagnostic evaluation with our medical staff.  This evaluation will typically take 60-90 minutes.  Once we have completed your evaluation, we will discuss our findings and recommendations for potential treatment plans and alternatives.  Once we have charted a way forward with you, we will order your therapy protocol and have it delivered directly to you.  Our programs are self-administered, thus you are not required to constantly be coming into the clinic but instead you are able to follow the therapy plan from the convenience of your home with our guidance and oversight.


Our physicians utilize all available therapies to treat ED and Sexual Dysfunction, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and the best results.

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