Erectile Dysfunction ED

As we reach middle age, many men begin to experience Erectile Dysfunction ED issues and often themselves ourselves asking "why".

For both men and women, issues of sexual health take many forms and are experienced in varying degrees of severity; from low libido to performance problems.

Our physicians utilize the most effective means to improve sexual function, including complete medical evaluation, hormone therapy, and in some cases, medications to assist with Erectile Dysfunction ED.

In addition to Erectile Dysfunction ED, men may experience a drop in sex drive and libido.  In our experience, the most effective treatment for increasing sex drive and libido is to correct hormone imbalances including Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT.

ED Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition that makes it difficult for men to achieve and/or maintain an erection. The number one question that most men ask is “What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction?”

Erectile dysfunction causes are both medical and emotional, including andropause, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and low testosterone levels. The true cause can only be determined by a doctor who can prescribe the right medicine for ED.

Everyone is different and may experience ED differently. You may have trouble achieving an erection, difficulty achieving an erection that is firm enough for sexual function, or erections that don’t last long enough.

Effective Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction ED

There are several, highly-effective therapies available to treat erectile dysfunction. The first step for RenewFX Specialty Physicians is to completely evaluate your total health profile, medical history and measure hormonal balance through diagnostic testing.

Our physicians utilize all available therapies to treat ED, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and the best results.

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