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We take a multi-dimensional, results-oriented approach to weight loss and weight management.  Custom tailored programs are designed to guide long-term behavior with the goal to achieve and maintain long-lasting results.

Programs include a complete analysis to examine nutrition, fitness, body fat, body mass, lifestyle, and metabolic balance. Based upon this analysis, a custom-tailored program is designed for you.  Our physician and clinical team monitors your progress according to your personally customized program.

Metabolically, while the cause and effect relationship is not clear, it is apparent that there is a strong connection between weight gain, weight loss and both andropause and menopause related hormonal imbalances.

RenewFx personally customized Fitness for Life programs may typically include a combination of prescribed therapies, nutritional and fitness plans, and pharmaceutical grade supplements.  RenewFX experts focus upon guiding our patients towards health lifestyles, while providing resources to help patients make better decisions.  For example, one of the key components to reducing inflammation and controlling weight is to truly understand how inflammatory foods impact your health and weight loss efforts.

Following your Fitness for Life program can make weight loss and effective weight management a long term reality.

RenewFX Health: Aging is natural, feeling old is optional.

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