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Low Testosterone is a common condition with aging men. RenewFX Health of Houston, TX offers Low Testosterone Treatments for patients in Houston.

Do you often feel like you’re running on empty? Low Testosterone is a common condition in aging men that is successfully corrected with Low Testosterone treatments at RenewFX Health. Typical symptoms include chronic fatigue, lost sex drive, muscle loss, increased body fat, lack of energy, memory loss, sleep issues and depression.

Testosterone levels are just one component to addressing low testosterone in men. There’s a balance that needs to be achieved hormonally between total testosterone, free testosterone, SHBG, DHEA and Estrogen levels in men. Lab diagnostics, patient medical history, examination and symptom analysis all contribute to precise treatment protocols for each individual patient.

At RenewFX Health, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach to Low Testosterone. Each patient is interviewed, examined and analyzed with precision detail to determine the most accurate diagnosis and corresponding treatment options.

Testosterone is what makes men feel like…men. Testosterone supports muscle mass, bone density, and body hair. It also plays a supporting role in every major organ system, from your arteries to your brain.

Starting in your late 30s or early 40s, your testosterone levels begins to drop off; research has shown that it drops by 1 to 2 percent a year after age 35-40. As this gradual decline takes place, most men don’t notice the deficit until they hit their 40’s-50s, when symptoms such as chronic fatigue, lost sex drive, and weaker erections start to appear. The medical term is “hypogonadism,” but it’s also been described as “andropause” or even “male menopause.”

Testosterone therapies deliver many long term benefits that are increasingly supported by clinical science, such as . . .

Improved body composition. Reduced belly fat and more muscle are common outcomes of testosterone therapy. In a UCLA study conducted at seven U.S. medical centers and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, men who were given T gel therapy added 4.3 pounds of muscle in six months, and 6.5 pounds over 18 months. The improvement in body composition helps you metabolize sugar better and may help reverse insulin resistance.

Bone strength. When men are treated with testosterone, their bone mineral density increases, especially in their hips and spine. Osteoporosis is no longer considered a women’s disease; in fact, four out of 10 fractures due to brittle bones after age 50 occur in men.

Better sexual function. In a review of 17 studies in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, researchers found that an average of three months of testosterone supplementation boosted libido, increased the frequency of sex, and triggered more nocturnal spontaneous erections.

A healthier cardiovascular system. Studies have found low testosterone levels in men with heart disease or with its risk factors, suggesting that T may play an important role in cardiovascular function. One theory: Testosterone may help keep arteries flexible, allowing them to dilate and constrict with changes in bloodflow.

We often write off saggy skin, a pot belly, heart disease, and high blood sugar as normal aspects of aging.

“If a Testosterone therapy can help me skip all that, I’ll take it willingly. And if I can feel stronger, sharper, and more energetic into my 80s, hey, that’s a plus!”, says Jim., a RenewFX patient.

Statistics show that approximately 5 million men in the United States have been diagnosed with low testosterone. A study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice figures another 12.5 million men in the United States have the hormone deficiency but aren’t receiving treatment for it. However, as testing becomes more commonplace, the number of diagnoses may be rising. A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that between 2001 and 2011, the number of testosterone prescriptions written for men age 40 or older increased more than threefold.

Abraham Morgentaler, M.D., an associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, doesn’t believe that this “normal part of aging” should be ignored. He regularly prescribes testosterone therapy at his practice. “Aging is associated with bad hearing, bad teeth, bad arteries, bad joints, and cancer, and we treat all those things,” he says. “Nobody would argue that you shouldn’t wear glasses because weaker eyesight is common as you get older.”

Meanwhile, more and more men are enjoying the way they feel and the satisfaction of taking a proactive approach, one made possible by medical science.

On patient most accurately stated, “I think of my grandfather, who couldn’t take advantage of the new technologies. His final years were spent sitting in a chair in pain, looking forward to his Red Sox games and a weekly shot of Wild Turkey. “Same as dead,” he’d say to me, resting his chin on his cane.

“It’s a fate I’m unwilling to accept. If that means testosterone therapy for me, then count me in.”

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