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The Role of Testosterone in Men

What truly defines the ideal man?

Strength, Tenacity, Confidence, Drive, Initiative, Passion, Self Esteem, Dominance, Physically Fit, & Focused.

When we look at men’s wellness, we think of these traits as reflective of a balanced male individual. In many cases, men find that these traits have begun to wane over time. They sometimes don’t feel like themselves anymore and often feel like someone “turned out the lights”.

Our goal at RenewFX Health and Wellness is to turn the lights back on and enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Men often come see us for:

• Loss of drive and initiative
• Chronic fatigue and low energy
• Loss of strength
• Loss of muscle mass
• Low endurance
• Poor recovery
• Increased body fat
• Lack of focus and foggy thinking
• Reduced sex drive (libido)
• Weight gain
• Lack of enthusiasm and confidence

What to expect:

It is important for our patients to understand that we are not the typical cookie-cutter, one size-fits all clinic.  Our programs are customized to each individual patient’s objectives and medical requirements.  RenewFX doctors expertly manage your total hormonal balance to provide a healthy, permanent outcome.

Achieving optimal hormonal balance includes optimal, healthy levels and proper ratio’s of Testosterone (free & total), Estrogen, DHEA, Thyroid, SHBG, LH/FSH and Cortisol levels.  Our doctors also track and monitor complete blood chemistry including Complete Blood Count (CBC), General Chemistry (Liver/Kidney Function/Blood Sugar), Lipid panels (cholesterol), PSA (prostate), and other relevant health benchmarks.

During our initial consultation with you, we’ll evaluate your current symptoms, your medical history, labs and how you feel as we determine a customized approach to get you back on track. RenewFX physicians zoom in on what is preventing you from feeling your best, with the goal to get you back to your old self…and even better than before!

Customized programs for Men’s Wellness at RenewFX are integrated and tailored to comprehensively address each patient’s needs and objectives.  Get the most out of your life and out of your years by starting on that road today!  Let us help you to maximize your potential and live your life to the fullest!  Contact us today to learn more!

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