Growth Hormone (GH)

Growth Hormone GH

Growth  Hormone GH

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 RenewFX Health’s advanced regenerative peptide therapies will stimulate your natural Growth Hormone GH levels, bringing them back to the healthy levels that you had in your youth.
These peptides are the breakthrough in anti-aging and growth hormone optimization because they are safer and more effective than traditional recombinant growth hormone.
Growth Hormone GH Secretion

Growth Hormone GH is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and released into the bloodstream in episodic pulses.
In younger individuals, pulses are frequent and strong: however, they begin to decline sharply as aging occurs.
These pulses, peaking in early morning hours, promote sleep, healing, exercise recovery and natural regeneration.
Growth Hormone GH Decline

  • As Growth Hormone GH levels decline with age, common symptoms associated with Somatopause (GH decline) often include:

  • Increased fat mass, particularly around the waistline and abdomen.

  • Decreased muscle mass and bone density

  • Sleep disorders and irregularity

  • Abnormal blood lipids (High LDL, Decreased HDL)

  • Impaired glucose tolerance and/or increased insulin resistance

Growth Hormone GH Therapy

Growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRPs) have demonstrated effectiveness and acceptance because they naturally produce growth hormone (GH) secretion while the body simultaneously self-regulates its natural levels to maintain proper GH levels during therapy.

  • Proven and effective increases in GH and IGF-1.

  • Widely accepted and researched.

  • Many studies have shown that long-term administration reduces intrinsic disease and extends life in adults with pathogenic GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency).

Patient Remarks regarding observed improvements:

  • Increase in lean muscle growth

  • Improvements in workout and recovery

  • Reduced body fat

  • Increased levels of energy, strength, and stamina

  • Increased muscle mass, definition, and endurance (decrease in cellulite)

  • Now getting a better, deeper and a more restful sleep

  • Decrease in joint and muscle pain

Key Benefits:

  • Increased sex drive

  • Improved collagen production and connective tissue regeneration

  • Increased skin elasticity and a decrease in wrinkles

  • Improved appearance of skin, nails, hair and other signs of aging

  • Fuller hair and improved nail growth

  • Increase in mental and cognitive function

  • Accelerates healing from wounds or surgery

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Boost healthy levels of growth hormone

  • Increases bone density and health

  • Improved body composition (lower body fat percentage)

  • Greater muscular growth, lean muscle mass

  • Increased energy throughout the day

  • Improved recovery after long workouts

  • Improved sleep patterns / Reduced anxiety, stress

For best results, patients should commit to consistent therapy for a minimum of 90 days to see the full benefits.

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