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How Excess Estrogen Levels Occur in Aging Men

Estrogen Dominance is common in men as they age.  In males, the main biologically active estrogen is estradiol.  As men age, the amount of testosterone produced in the testes diminishes greatly. Yet estradiol levels remain persistently high. This is called Estrogen Dominance which can be compounded by Low Testosterone also known as Hypogonadism or Andropause.

Symptoms of excess estrogen in aging men include the development of breasts, having too much abdominal weight, feeling tired, suffering loss of muscle mass, and having emotional disturbances. Many of these symptoms correspond to testosterone deficiency as well.

Don’t Lower Your Estrogen Too Much!

Men need estrogen to maintain bone density, cognitive function, and even to maintain the inner lining of the arterial wall (the endothelium). Too little cholesterol (below 150 mg/dL) can be more dangerous than too much cholesterol (levels over 200 mg/dL). The same may hold true for estrogen. Recommended ideal ranges for estradiol for most aging men are between 20 and 30 pg/mL of blood. Estrogen and Men’s Bones Osteoporosis is not just a risk for aging women. Men also suffer crippling fractures caused by loss of bone mineral density.

How to Reduce Excess Estrogen

In aging men, estrogen dominance is common.  In fact, a large percentage of estradiol (estrogen) is synthesized and stored in abdominal adipose (fat) tissues. Reducing waist circumference confers huge health benefits, one being a lowering of estradiol levels. One of the most effective ways for men to reduce belly fat is to restore their free testosterone to youthful ranges. As men grow older, however, their testicular testosterone production declines precipitously. This is why low testosterone therapy is often necessary to restore hormonal balance and to eliminate estrogen dominance.


It is hard to imagine that before 1906, doctors did not even know that a hormone (estrogen) was secreted by the ovaries in women. It was not until 1930 that the isolation of the estrogen complex in pure form was published. Less than 80 years later, scientists are debating what the optimal levels of estrogen should be in men. This exponential leap in scientific knowledge is a marvel in itself!

The role that estrogen plays in men’s health is an important topic discussed at medical conferences today. As outlined in this article, testing one’s estradiol level is critical because it can be a serious problem if it is too high or if it is too low. If the results reveal estradiol levels are too high or too low, corrective measures can easily be taken to protect your precious health.

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