Aging…What you can do?

RenewFX Health and Wellness creates a fully personalized Anti-Aging program to help you best manage your health proactively while addressing your objectives. Highly trained and experienced physicians use evidence-based, state-of-the-art science to build each patient a personalized RenewFX Anti-Aging Program to achieve peak physical and mental performance.

Anti-Aging | RenewFX Health & Wellness, Houston, TX | HGH| Bioidentical Hormone Replacement | Low Testosterone | Erectile Dysfunction | Houston, TXWhen it comes to aging, most people reach their peak functioning at around age 30.  How soon you notice aging or age-related changes in stamina, strength, or sensory perception will vary based on your personal health choices, your medical history, and your genetics.

Some complaints associated with aging are common, and some symptoms aren’t caused by aging at all.

With age, we lose muscle tissue and our muscles become more rigid and less toned. Weight training and stretching improve strength and flexibility, to counteract such symptoms of aging.  An Anti-Aging program can reverse this process.

Our programs successfully address hormonal imbalance issues including low testosterone and andropause in men, and menopause in women.  Additional focus is given to potential growth hormone deficiency, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and weight loss.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of these Anti-Aging programs, which include:

*State of the art initial Anti-Aging evaluation

*Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

*Comprehensive health, fitness nutrition and exercise Anti-Aging road map, custom-tailored for you and your lifestyle.

*Consultations with your RenewFx physician and clinical Team.

*Ongoing, detailed monitoring of your health goals and modifications to your custom-tailored plan.

*Continuous cutting-edge clinical and age management information.

*Extensive annual re-evaluations and tests.


RenewFX Health: Aging is natural, feeling old is optional.

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